‘Paddy Joe’ (1895-1960): a tribute to a 1916 fighter

Family tree

Paddy Joe was born on April 10th 1985 at No.25 Upper Tyrone Street.
He was the second child to Patrick Stephenson and Alice Tynan
In 1895 Paddy Joe's father was listed as being a Coachman by occupation.

Patrick and Alice had nine children: 4 girls and 5 boys:

Samuel, b.19/9/1892 - d. 6/3/1913
Patrick Joseph (Paddy Joe), b.10/4/1895 - d.6/4/1960 (birth certificate below)
Edward Francis (Eddie), b.14/6/1897 - d.3/6/1966
Anne Josephine (Annie), b.27/8/1899 - d.5/1/1982
Alice Mary (Lal), b.25/8/1901 - d.13/9/1990
Catherine Mary (Kathleen), b.17/10/1903 - d.23/10/1961
James Bernard (Jimmy), b.15/4/1906 - d.11/4/1976
Mary Claude (Molly) twin, b.18/11/1908 - d.17/7/1982
Thomas (Tom) twin, b.8/11/1908 - d.5/9/1938